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Interdiscziplinary Check

Interdisciplinary Prevention Progam

Prevention of cardiac and cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention and long-term holistic prevention – at our house a team of internationally renowned medical experts is at Your service. 

Heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and dementia are widespread diseases the incidence of which rises with increasing life expectancy. In most health care systems usually there is too little emphasis for prevention and early detection of diseases. Most of the money is spent on already affected patients. Many diseases could be prevented if early stages of the disease would have been detected, or patients at risk would be checked-up on a regular basis.

As a matter of fact, the expenses for many check-up exams is very low. Many tests and checks patients can conduct themselves in their everyday life. For example, blood pressure measurements at home or simple pulse detection can help prevent stroke caused by high blood pressure or atrial fibrillation. On the following pages we present You our established programs in regards to cancer prevention. We never work rigidly through a program without reflection. Thanks to the close network between our medical experts, short communication channels and excellent technical equipment our highly qualified specialists are able to offer individual and personalized medicine at the highest level.

Our Prevention Programs

PD Dr. Klaus Tiemann (Osypka Herzzentrum München) Top-Kardiologe

Prof. Ley (Osypka Herzzentrum München) Top-Radiologe



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