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Information regarding Heart Health – our topics:

The goal of our actions is to prevent cardiac disease. On the following pages we present information about the major heart diseases, their emergence, development and the possibilities of non-invasive cardiac diagnostic procedures.

Once symptoms show up, cardiac disease is likely to be in an advanced stage. The progression of vascular changes (e.g. plaques, calcification) takes place over many years. If treated early, cardiac disease may be completely stopped or its progression significantly delayed. Modern non-invasive imaging procedures such as echo-cardiography (ultra-sound), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) can detect very early forms of cardiac disease. Cardiac imaging is also of central importance in the diagnostic of cardiac arrhythmias and heart valve diseases. Therefore, prevention and gentle non-invasive cardiac diagnostics are two important pillars at the Osypka Heart Center.

Cardiovascular Risk  – everything from one source
We tailor the check-up exams to Your individual needs and situation. The exams are based on the latest scientific findings combined with extensive personal experience of our doctors. Internationally renowned medical specialists in the field of non-invasive imaging will gladly consult with You. In case Your medical check-up examination requires further treatment, our professional heart team will be at once at Your service.   ►Info

Cardiac Arrhythmias
Information regarding arrhythmias: rapid heart rate/pulse, skipped heart beat or pauses are typical symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias  ►Info

Arteriosclerosis/CHD (coronary heart disease)/Infarction
- how do calcifications arise?
Incorporation of cholesterol and inflammatory processes lead to the formation of plaques, narrowing of vessels, and calcifications.   ►Info

Heart valves and heart defects
Congenital and acquired changes of the cardiac valves, heart muscle or vessels may remain unnoticed for a long time: this can lead to heart failure. ►Info


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