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Cardiac Imaging Center Munich

Gentle Heart Diagnostics- deep insights into heart and vessels

Technical developments allow fascinating depictions of cardiac structures and functions, allowing us in many cases to avoid cardiac catheterization.

Cardiac imaging is one of the focus areas at the Osypka Heart Center. We use the most modern and most gentle technologies to image cardiac structures and functions, and to visualize possible pathological changes. At the Osypka Heart Center you will be served by proven experts in their field. Diagnostic procedures will only be carried out if they fit the clinical context.

Schonende Herzdiagnostik: Cardio-CT, Echokardiographie, Herz-MRT (CMR)Cardiac diagnostic from one source: PD Dr. med. Klaus Tiemann, MD, is an internationally renowned expert for cardiac imaging who is in charge of the imaging center. Under his guidance all state-of-the-art imaging technologies are available and will be considered on an individual basis for diagnostics and therapy. Since every aspect of diagnostics is within the same department, there is immediate feedback linking of all information together. Medical findings are immediately available and can thus be directly used for additional diagnostic steps. Short ways and sound decisions in the heart team save time and unnecessary examinations.

In case a catheterization or other treatment is required, we offer a unique expertise at the Osypka Heart Center: the interventional cardiologist Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Lewalter, MD, PHD, and PD Dr. med. Klaus Tiemann, MD, both internationally renowned key opinion leaders, have been working as a team for many years and can thus use diagnostic information and therapeutic application at the OHZ at its best. They use the most advanced technologies such as Fusion-Imaging in the catheter lab, or 3D ultra-sound before and during catheter interventions. This reduces the amount of x-ray and shortens procedure time.

We stand for optimal care – as a Team!

In the following we would like to introduce to You the different examination methods that we offer. Before any examination there will be a detailed conversation with one of our experts.  Within the scope of a special screening program we will tailor the diagnostic procedures according to Your individual circumstances. Of course we are also available for examinations that may be required in preparation for an operation, or for further treatment by your family physician or medical specialist. 

Personalized screening examinations and service assignments – we are YOUR partner for any aspect of cardiac imaging!

Video: Herzultraschall: schonende Herzdiagnostik München (Top-Experten)Cardiac Ultrasound
Echocardiography is one of the most important diagnostic imaging techniques in the field of cardiology  ►Info

stressechokardiographie: Durchblutungsstörung am Herzen erkennenStress Echocardiography
The stress echocardiography examination provides important information about heart function and blood circulation. ►Info

Gefäß-Ultraschall: Frühformen der Arteriosklerose (Plaques) hilft, Engstellen zu vermeidenVessel Ultrasound
Early detection of pathological changes or plaque formation in the vessels: determination of cardiac risk ►Info

Cardio-CT: Kranzgefäße, Engstellen (Stenosen) erkennen - Vorsorge und Prävention HerzCardiac CT
Evaluation of coronary arteries without a cardiac catheter: Cardio CT shows early changes or plaque formation and calcifications.►Info

Cardiac MRI
High resolution, radiation-free imaging: Cardiac MRI ideally complements cardiac diagnostic imaging. ►Info

PD Dr. Klaus Tiemann (Osypka Herzzentrum München) Top-Kardiologe


Prof. Ley (Osypka Herzzentrum München) Top-Radiologe





Monika Haberland
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Peter Osypka Herzzentrum
Internistisches Klinikum
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